People Counting with Facial Recognition is our most newest and innovative technology People Counter Accuracy is close to %100 which exceeds all market capabilities. By utilizing facial recognition technology we have created the first and only if it’s kind 5D Technology. Face recognition has became mainstream in recent years. At STOHI we utilize this technology not only to count and recognize your customers.

Recognizing customers gives managers a new edge on understanding their customer growth. STOHI DNN (Dynamic Neural Network Algorithm)  enables us to recognize 106 pin point of a customers face. By storing customers as binary, customer satisfaction can be quantified by the count of returning customers. Managers are able to understand the effectiveness of their customer service, product quality and customer experience by everyday repeated customers. Knowing the amount customer returns Managers are able to understand the true growth of business and not just usual traffic.

Our engineers constantly work on improving our state-of-the-art algorithms to provide better and newer ways to understand your customers. Mood recognition is a part of or our  facial recognition. In near future our people counting devices will be able to recognize mood levels of your customers.  Machine Learning Algorithms are able to pin track facial expressions to determine the mood of your entering customers and leaving customers.

Mood rate between entering and leaving customers in a valuable data that can be used to understand customer satisfaction. The power of knowing the mood of your customers gives you a broader understand of the quality of your customer service. Using facial  recognition  technology  as a retail  analytics  tool we are able to quantify customer service quality. Managers are able to see the quality of their service and the growth of their business in multiple locations at a global scale.

Retail analytics never been this easy and innovative.

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