General Questions

The number of devices requirement is depends on the height of the ceiling and the width of the entrance.

Stohi ensures that; the accuracy level of our counter is at least 90% with the video proof which provided that the user applied for the verification service by Stohi.

There will be virtually no difference to the features and data available based on the premise of installation. The only difference is the location where the data will be store in.

Users will be export raw data from the Stohi OS in one of these four methods.

  • Manual export
  • Exporting via API
  • Exporting via FTP
  • Automated E-Mailing

The project plan in regards to time scope for installation is highly dependent on the number of counters in the project. The data readiness will be completed within 14 business days of Stohi verification service.

The counter is powered by Power over Ethernet. The main power required will be less than 15,4w.

An individual will not be counted twice even if the counter coverage overlaps an area, this is due to Stohi verification specialist having the expertise to exclude overlapping area from each counter.

Stohi aims to respond to most support issues within 1 business days. Users are able to sign up for a premium support plan to have direct access to Stohi support services.

The software will support multiple counters and the counts from different counters can be combined in the web-based reporting software. Users can combine the counts of 2 counters and view the total traffic IN and OUT or they can view the total IN and OUT individually from each counter.

The counter will use around 20mb data in a day to upload videos for verification purpose. Once the calibration is verified, it will only upload maximum 10kb of data per day.

All data must be exported from the Stohi Analytic Manager and there is no option to export the raw data directly from the Stohi counter.

The Stohi was designed to be a comprehensive solution and as a stand alone unit. There are no add-ons available for Stohi as all future developments and features are made available for every users of Stohi without cost. The only accessories sold for Stohi are, wall-mount and ceiling mount brackets to optimize the counting accuracy of Stohi based on height.

Users may subscribe to our newsletter through the bottom of the webpage.

Users may send usĀ  email of their success and experiences about Stohi

Head office or headquarters have the option to create as many users account as possible to delegate access to reporting features to other personnels within the business.

There are a variety of documentations that guides users on how to use the Stohi OS and what do the reports indicate. If the user require an in-depth tutorial and guidance, Stohi offers online training for the hardware and software with an additional service charge. Please contact with us for additional information on cost and structure covered.

Only the Delta counter have artificial intelligence to recognize a person by facial features and also it can distinguish between customers and staffs.

The data will be uploaded once the counter regain its internet connection back. The counter will continue to function as normal, provided power is turned on and running when does not have internet connection.