Managers understand the importance of count of people. Customer analytics doesn’t just end with people counting.  A Good planner knows the benefits of understanding their customers behaviour. To be able to make the right decision you have to know customer demographics, gender and the dates and times of your customer walk-ins.

Our people counting devices are equipped with patent pending algorithms and neural networks.  At STOHI we have integrated new sensors to increase customer data. Our state of the art Face recognition technology. Recognizing your customers faces. Storing your customers as binary enables you to understand if the customers that are walking into your store are the same ones.

We understanding that building customer loyalty is one of the most important thing for managers. Being able to understand customer return rate is an outstanding resource for understand the growth of your business.Comparing your customer return rate vs new customers rate provides not only most accurate people count, it also enables managers to understand the growth of their business. Through the years people counting has evolved and accurate intel from customer patterns and foot count will create better insights for future planning. Management duties get better and faster using accurate data. Our mission is to provide with the most innovative data.

STOHI platform enables managers to compare weather patterns vs. Customer walk-in. Retail know the effects of weather changes among their customer behaviour. To be able to see the past insights from our retail analytics gives managers an edge to plan for now and the future. Our people analytics devices can also track customer walkbys. To be able to know how many people walked by your store ables you to know and analyse your foot traffic front of your store. Knowing your customer walk-bys vs walk-ins and comparing that to monthly or yearly traffic enables managers to understand the effects of their promotions materials.

Using our PEOPLE COUNTER devices managers are able to know their potential customers.  Comparing your customer walk-bys vs walk-ins provides not only enable you to understand your traffic, it also enables managers to understand how much more they can grow their business..

You can see below Our Devices capabilities for all locations and conditions;

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