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Retail Counting is our Main Focus. Shipments and multiple stores are managed through raw data. You are able to know what’s going on on the other side of the world. Wherever you are you can access live footage and raw data to control your business. STOHI Cloud enables you to connect to your store anytime you want.

The STOHI Counter Devices work continuously and provide you with real time people count data. You can access all of your retail stores customer analytics anytime you want.


Sales figures alone don’t tell the full story. By looking at the ratio of traffic to sales, retailers can fairly and accurately compare stores with low volume to stores with high volume. Stores that serve the customer well will have higher conversion than those that don’t.


Merchandising uses traffic and dwell time analytics to measure the performance of displays and end caps. Knowing how many people entered into the store, how many people passed by the store, how long they stayed and are they a frequent visitor are all vital analytics for understanding and improving store operations.


Marketing uses traffic analytics to measure the performance of campaigns and advertising.


Operations can use traffic analytics to plan staffing for the store. Having more data to drive decision about labor allocation in the store can help maximize sales conversion and minimize labor costs.