We must say that our main priority are shopping malls and the reason is obvious. Shopping malls have lots of undirected foot traffic. Our People Counter devices are %98 accurate. STOHI Counter areas to capture variety of data. For example, we can differentiate between kids and adults. We can determine the gender of your customers. We can recognize returning customer. In the recent future we will be able to recognize mood of your customers. All these new and innovative advancements are to create better data. At STOHI, we don’t look at our devices as just people counters. Our mission is to create better retail management experiences and create useful data.

With all the traffic in Super Markets, it becomes difficult to track your customers. STOHI retail analytic devices are equipped with ultra sensitive heat signature lenses. Using these Heat Cams, we are able to capture customer walking patterns and lingering time. We also know the importance of queue management in supermarkets. Long and non managed payment lines results in lost of customers. To minimize such an effect, we use our sensors to measure the wait time in payment station. Using this tool managers are able to automatically react to customer influxes in payment line ups. All this with our foot count technology enables managers to see live footage and valuable data front of their computers.


One of the biggest determinations of rent value is location and traffic potential. If you can negotiate with this traffic reality and hard data, you are in a much stronger position. Appraise and support your leasing offer with hard data.


Show current and prospective event organizers how many shoppers stayed in each zone at different time of the day.


Find out what works, what doesn’t, and how to convert traffic into business opportunities.


Security personnel in stores, malls, transportation venues, entertainment venues and other physical spaces use, people traffic as a measure of occupancy and to determine the amount of staff required throughout the day. Is the space safe and security adequate? Also, are people entering unauthorized areas or behaving in a suspicious manner such as running away?