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Transportation counting is our newest service. Transportation industry is in serious need of people analytics. Using STOHI People Counter Devices we are able to count the passengers in public busses. We r using our cutting edge face recognition technology to count passengers on the go. Manager are able to see live footage and passenger data using STOHI Cloud.


Accurately tracking and recording the number of people within a building or zone at any given time is an invaluable asset, not only to safety and security professionals, but also for marketing intelligence gathering initiatives, building automation and allowing businesses to optimise their staffing and energy levels


Monitoring queues and reporting back in near-real time allows for better service metrics both for now and future manning of pinch-points within the customers journey


By measuring service time and wait times within a customer’s journey allows for better staffing. Knowing when staffing levels can be lowered is of as much importance as to when to increase staffing


Using count and service time data gathered from areas of the customer’s journey, it is possible to accurately predict arrivals at points within the journey, therefore providing warnings to potential pinch points