People Counter with staff elimination is made easy with STOHI People Counter Devices. Using advanced computer vision we are able to differentiate between your employees and customers Eliminating staff is a very important to get the most accurate data. 

STOHI People Counter Devices are able to pinpoint and eliminate your staff. Employee management is a very useful tool to understand your staff. By knowing past customer count managers are able to schedule their staff much more efficiently. Being understaffed can be a stressful situation for managers and customers. Having not enough staff can create long wait times and possibly lost of customer. By using employee management you will be able to understand your business much more clearly. By using accurate data you will be able to reduce overhead cost by optimising your staff in your operations.

STOHI Face Recognition Devices are able to store your employees faces as binary. We are able to determine when your employees starts their shift automatically. STOHI Devices are able to track your employees from start to finish. We are able to determine the work flow of your employee. By tracking your staff in the retail environment managers are able to reduce labour and increase work productivity.  When managers understand their employees and plan with that knowledge in mind, it becomes a more efficient and pleasant process to manage employees. By analyzing past people count data STOHI is able to determine the amount of employees needed for weekly shift schedule.

By making employee management easier STOHI creates more time for managers to focus on marketing and business growth.

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