We know the difficulties of optimization the retail environment for wayfinding. STOHI Heatmap makes retail analytics easy. By tracking customers we are able to see how long they are lingering around a certain area. Using STOHI Heatmap Manager are able to understand and plan better strategies for product placement and merchandising. Knowing customer dwell time inside your store is a crucial tool to plan better customer experience. With STOHI Heatmap we are able to know how long your customers are looking at your adds and also products. This real time feedback can determine if your marketing material is working. Managers are able to see the popularity of their new products or new deals. Heat cameras capture the wait time around the certain area by generating heat signatures in a live video feed.  We are then able to determine daily monthly or yearly customer dwell time and generate in store insights for recent and future changes. Being able understand where customers are naturally accumulating helps managers make better and smarter merchandising decisions. Understanding the effects of their marketing material, managers better understand their products and customers.STOHI Heatmap cameras also are able to log customer walk flow.  Knowing your space and  knowing your customers create smoother management experience. By using cameras that capture and log  customer pathways managers are able to see if their way finding initiatives are working. By knowing natural pathways managers can create better and smoother retail environments. Retail analytics gives managers a innovative edge for their future initiatives. Managers are able to understand customer engagement with the space and create better product experiences.

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